The IU health doctor urges Hoosiers not to be skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine

INDIANAPOLIS – Some Hoosiers are skeptical about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as they are still advised to wear masks and social distancing afterwards.

However, the local doctors advise that the vaccine is the best way to get back to normal.

Dr. Paul Calkins, deputy chief medical officer at IU Health, says in order to have enough people immune to the virus, we can change our behavior and not wear masks – people need to be vaccinated.

“I want to go to the cinema, I want to do that. And guess what? This recording is the way to go to the cinema.”

Dr. Calkins says the people who give the advice to still wear masks and social distancing after vaccination are conservative and are waiting for more information.

But data is coming and, in his opinion, it shows the importance of getting the vaccine.

Dr. Calkins says he realized that people were going to get the shot and then go out as usual, but we’re not there yet.

“I think it would be unfair to say that there is no need to get vaccinated, and honestly, not dying is a pretty good reason to get vaccinated, I think,” said Calkins. “And your family, who don’t die, is a good reason to get vaccinated too.”

This week we could see that another vaccine was getting one step closer to availability.

The FDA advisory panel meets on Friday to vote on whether the government agency should approve Johnson & Johnson’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

In Indiana, 10% of the Hoosiers are known to have had the virus. 13% had at least their first dose of vaccine.

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