Sheamus shares incredible training progress ahead of the 2021 WWE Elimination Chamber

Sheamus has been in the hottest shape of his WWE career and has managed to be one of the few men to pin Drew McIntyre since the start of his WWE Championship.

He betrays the Scotsman and seems fully prepared to deliver the final blow to the Elimination Chamber, which will take place in a short time. After the great performance in the Gauntlet match on Raw, Sheamus has nothing but gold on his mind.

Drew McIntyre went to the highlands to train at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, and Sheamus appears to have gone the extra mile as well.

In a recent post on Twitter, “The Celtic Warrior” shared his training progress and looks absolutely torn and ready for chamber.

The Elimination Chamber is one of the most sophisticated structures in WWE history. It’s the real test for any superstar who has to endure some painful moments inside.

Sheamus is no stranger to this match and has witnessed and caused pain in the Chamber firsthand. It looks like he’s ready to kill a lion this time.

Sheamus has impressed fans with his work

Fans aren’t entirely against a run by Sheamus as WWE Champion. His current character dynamic had brought back memories from 2010 when “The Celtic Warrior” pulled out John Cena to win the same title.

He feels that his work at the company has gone unnoticed and has realized that he hasn’t had a single title chance in years. Sheamus now seems to have the right time with Drew McIntyre as champion.

The reason for this is that the two were friends before they even joined WWE. Sheamus is close to McIntyre and knows every instinct and movement in the ring.

He knows his enemy from head to toe and is literally prepared for Drew. However, it depends on the rest of the opponents.

Randy Orton is another big contender and can strike from anywhere. Ambition can be dazzling, and Sheamus must first attack the other opponents in the ring before he even thinks of touching Drew.

A mountain is hard to climb, but the battlefield is what turns the tide in Sheamus and that is exactly what he will use to his advantage.

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