Manatt strengthens integrated health offers with the arrival of the respected doctor Biomedi

Dr. Darrell Kirch brings extensive leadership experience leading the innovation and transformation strategies of academic health centers

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, a multidisciplinary, integrated professional services company, announced today that Dr. Darrell G. Kirch, President Emeritus of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), joined his Manatt Health group when Washington, DC -based national advisor.

As President and CEO of the AAMC, Dr. Kirch from 2006 to 2019 developed and implemented a strategy to encourage innovation in the country’s medical schools, their teaching hospitals and health systems, and related academic societies. As a respected leader and doctor, Dr. Kirch enhance Manatt Health’s rapidly growing strategy, policy and legal practice with the country’s leading academic health institutions.

“Innovation and transformation are our guiding principles as we advise our customers and help them find their way in today’s new economy,” said Donna L. Wilson, CEO and Managing Partner of Manatt. “Darrell’s impressive background and commitment as an agent of change embody this ethos and make it an ideal addition to our integrated legal and advisory platform.”

Bill Bernstein, Head of Manatt Health, commented, “We are very excited to welcome Darrell to our team at the Academic Medical Center, led by Senior Managing Director Tom Enders. Darrell brings unmatched leadership experience that will be invaluable to our academic center, medical school, healthcare system, and broader healthcare customers, especially as we help them meet the key healthcare needs that we believe they are vital to improving our health system and promoting health equity. ”

Dr. Kirch is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and is currently a co-chair of the NAM Action Collaborative on Physician Wellbeing and Resilience. He also serves on the boards of the American College of Psychiatrists and the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.

“With academic health centers at a tipping point as we emerge from the pandemic, their educational, research and clinical roles are more important than ever,” said Dr. Church. “Future success depends on taking innovative strategies and operational excellence to a new level. Manatt is well positioned to steer this development. Not only am I deeply impressed with the advice Manatt experts give, but also with their value-based approach to their work. “

Dr. Kirch is the latest addition to the company’s national health group, following the recent addition of corporate partner Paul A. Carr-Rollitt, former CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health Systems, Ralph W. Muller, partner in digital health and regulation, Yarmela Pavlovic, Digital Health Expert Dr. Vivian E. de Ruijter and litigation partner Charles E. Weir. Manatt has purposefully expanded its integrated legal and advisory offering across the firm in recent months, as prominent technology advisors Jen Millard and Kalon Gutierrez, new media partner Farnaz M. Alemi, and former California Commissioner Jan L. Owen.

Prior to his tenure at AAMC, Dr. Kirch Dean, senior vice president of the university and head of the academic health system of two preeminent medical institutions: the Medical College of Georgia and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center at Pennsylvania State University. Previously, he was co-chair of the Medical Education Liaison Committee and chair of the AAMC National Deanery.

Dr. Kirch began his academic career as a psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist at the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), became head of the schizophrenia research division, and served as acting scientific director in 1993. He received the Medal of Excellence from the United States Public Health Service for his contributions to the NIMH. In 2019, his service to academic medicine was honored with the American Hospital Association’s Honorary Award. Dr. Kirch earned his bachelor’s and doctor degrees in medicine from the University of Colorado.

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