Google Fit for Wear OS recognizes when you stop exercising

Have you ever been so hard at the gym while wearing your Wear OS watch and forgot to finish your workout? According to XDA developers, Google Fit for Wear OS automatically detects when you’ve finished a workout.

If you’ve started a workout before and didn’t stop it, Google Fit will continue to record everything. This would discard your activity data. As a result, you would not get accurate results from your workout. This can be annoying for users who are really focused on their health.

However, Google Fit for Wear OS will now recognize when you have finished your workout. If you have a training brain and forget to end your training session on your watch, Google Fit on Wear OS will prompt you.

Google Fit for Wear OS will now remind you to stop exercising

The new prompt will ask if you want to stop your workout. Reddit user u / ayndrew discovered this, and another user u / Zwiada says your watch will send a reminder of haptic feedback as well. These new notifications are great for those who forget to stop exercising all the time.

This new quality of life addition is definitely a welcome addition to Google Fit for Wear OS. It’s not clear if this feature was part of a server-side update or a new update to Google Fit. In any case, it seems to be widespread. As a result, users will be able to take advantage of this sooner rather than later.

Google Fit for Wear OS received a nice facelift in November 2020. This update brought a revised user interface and new functions. The new update contains new tiles to make it easier to start training. In addition, the option to set training goals was introduced.

The latest update also gives users pace warnings while running, a Touch Lock button to prevent accidental touches, and a Breath Tile for guided breathing sessions.

Wear OS was the odd kid in Google’s OS family. Where Android and Chrome OS get all the love and support, Wear OS is sometimes neglected. Wear OS was originally known as Android Wear when it was first launched. It was launched to combat Apple’s Apple Watch and Watch OS.

The earliest Wear OS watches had some performance issues and battery life issues. However, Qualcomm has introduced newer, stronger chips specifically for smartwatches, and Google has optimized the Wear operating system more heavily. Hopefully with these improvements, Wear OS will continue to grow and improve.

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