Alicia Keys shares her favorite wellness and beauty tips

With the world reopening and the Hot Girl Summer in full swing, Alicia Keys makes the case for Restful Girl Summer. After launching her beauty and wellness brand Keys Soulcare during quarantine, the musician wants to help you just relax. “Keys Soulcare was so perfectly tuned for the quarantine without being widespread,” she tells of Zoom. “And there was no reason it was finished at that point, but I was so grateful for it. We’re all trying to figure out how to take care of ourselves, which is getting harder and harder these times.”

Keys Soulcare’s latest launch is a collection of body products – a Renewing Hand and Body Wash, Rich Nourishing Body Cream, and Sacred Body Oil – to rediscover and celebrate our unique selves. “Grooming and the body, period, is such an amazing vessel,” she adds. “It’s amazing what it does for us. So many of us have different relationships with our bodies, so I love the idea of ​​continuing to have a nice, positive, body-conscious relationship with ourselves.”

Do you want to reach Keys’ level of enlightenment? Ahead, the singer shares her most important wellness commandments as well as her favorite affirmations and advice for her 20-year-old self.

Make time for daily rituals.

Keys Soulcare is about creating rituals for ourselves, even in the smallest moments of our day when we get ready, washing our faces in the morning or evening when we jump in the shower to get ready for a big one Day. Anyway, it has the ability to remind us how amazing we are.

Combine your products with affirmations.

The Renewing Body + Handwash smells so good. So many people have said, “You have the Golden Cleanser. Can I just apply this all over my body?” So this is it. The mantra of this product is “I love myself for who I am”. The Rich Nourishing Body Cream is very rich. It has a creaminess and feels awesome. And this mantra is: “My body is a vessel for love, light and strength.”

My favorite is the sacred body oil. When you get out of the shower, put a few drops on your damp skin and say the mantra “All I do is an act of creation,” which is powerful. Keep this in mind as you create this moment for yourself and your day.

Key soul care

Your skin will change.

I have had challenging skin problems for a long time, well beyond puberty. I kept asking everyone: “Shouldn’t this stop now? Isn’t it over yet?” It just kept going, mostly because of the stress, mostly because of the lifestyle. I internalize a lot. I didn’t let things out. Because of this, I wanted to be careful with my skin, especially when it was starting to clear up. It feels crazy when your skin never cooperates with you.

And so will your body.

I was always a fat girl and had a lot of curves early on. I was born and raised in New York, and on the street there was always a little hesitation because of my curviness because it caught a bit of attention. I put on really baggy clothes to hide it. As I got older and even got into the music industry, I was pretty shy, but I started to explore more. I started to feel braver and braver.

Key soul care

Key soul care

Your body is a miracle.

When I had kids I thought, “Oh my god, I’ll never look like this again.” And that creates uncertainty. It sways and flows, but I feel like today, right now, I feel really good about my body. What your body does every day is a miracle. We are like the walking embodiments of miracles, and I like to remember that.

Beauty goes beyond the depth of the skin.

I feel really nice after a strenuous hike. My strength and ability is sexy and sensual. Or lie on a beach chair while the sun burns down on me. And I feel wonderful when I’m just lying on a couch with my family and my sweatpants and we all just cuddle up and hug, watch a movie – this feeling of pure bliss and love.

Be grateful for your past.

I would never have thought 20 years ago [when I released my first album] that I would be thriving here and more creative than ever, making the best music of my life and making the best connections of my life. When I look back [at my 20-year-old self], I just treasure her deeply because she has now helped me create myself.

Celebrate your growth.

The advice I would give to my 20 year old self is you already got it right. You don’t have to change anything. You don’t have to fix anything, you don’t have to try to fit into anything or be what people want you to be. All you have to do is keep going.

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Rich nourishing body cream

Rich nourishing body cream

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Holy body oil

Holy body oil

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Renewing body + hand wash

Renewing body + hand wash

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