How Our Secrets Keep Us Sick

Pretty much every one of us knows that keeping secrets can be heavy, especially the kind that you have to hide from friends, family, and loved ones. It’s even worse when these secrets are the kind that destroys you, both physically and mentally. The kind of secrets I’m referring to is the secret addictions, many of us battle with day-in and day-out.

Drug addictions, in particular, are heavy secrets. When you keep these to yourself and don’t seek the support of people who matter to you, they can make you sick. The distance you from the people you care about.

Here are a few more reasons why you should not hold onto secrets that make you sick.

Admitting you have a problem makes relapse relatively less likely

Keeping your addiction a secret only makes it more likely that you sustain your damaging behaviors. This means there’s zero accountability for your actions, and it’s more difficult for you to sustain any motivation to get help.

By sharing your secret with someone you trust and someone who has your best interests at heart, the recovery journey is much easier because you have someone to confide in and someone who motivates you along the way.

With the right support, you can get professional help for drug addictions

Nowadays, there’s a phalanx of mental health and medical professionals you can speak to, including a Methadone doctor, who will help you in this process. They’re well-equipped to handle any kind of drug addiction, and if you’re an opioid addict, there are even opioid-based medications, like Methadone, that can help.

Methadone is an opioid agonist. This means that it reacts against the brain’s opioid receptors, blocking drug cravings, and dope sickness in recovering drug addicts. This allows them to recover without experiencing the debilitating effects of drug withdrawals.

One question many addiction specialists probably encounter is can you die from withdrawal.

In all likelihood, this is because withdrawal feels like death. This is particularly why drugs like Methadone are so effective in what they do, the help addicts get over their struggles without subjecting them to a brutal cleansing, which impacts both their mental and physical health.

Keeping these secrets can cost you your life

When no one knows what’s wrong, it’s much easier for you to live your own life – including one that’s highly risky and dangerous.

The problem with drug addiction is that it not only damages your health and wellbeing but has the potential to lead you down a path of crime and danger. You’re more likely to partake in risky activities.

When you confide in someone you trust, this person is more likely to prevent you from going down irreversible paths by guiding you and being a constant presence in your life. With a confidante, you have to take on a certain level of responsibility and accountability and actively commit to recovery.

Don’t keep secrets that jeopardize your life commit to addiction recovery

Recovering from drug addictions is not impossible, but you need to commit. Seek addiction specialists who can guide you down a holistic path of recovery and ignore the temptation to maintain a secret, debilitating life.

Your life is the most important thing – and it’s entirely in your hands.


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