Fitness, Connection, and Self Love

One of the most significant moments in my wellness journey was when I realized that this body that I carry is meant for me, only for me. From a very young age, I had issues accepting that I have a large bone structure. I continuously beat myself up by comparing myself to petite size zero models and celebrities. I always wondered, “if she can, why can’t I?” Body image issues are real!

Diets, fasting, throwing up after binge eating, working out three times a day, smoking, weight loss pills, name it, and I’m pretty sure I have done it all. I did not reduce an inch further than the size I’m meant to be, which is a size 8. Let me repeat it, “the size that I’m meant to be.” Yes, each one of us has a perfect body that is meant for ourselves. It’s different, unique, and beautiful. We just need to find a connection with this precious body that’s meant just for us.

Never a Size Zero

I’ve had bouts of sadness, anxiety, depression, and helplessness after not seeing the results of my hard work and starvation to accomplish that perfect body that I wanted. But the body that I wanted was not meant for me; it is meant for someone else. This realization set me free, and I felt connected with my body than I have ever been in my entire lifetime.

The importance of fitness is I drew inspiration from many health and fitness bloggers. Therefore, I am sharing my fitness journey in hopes that it will inspire someone out there who is struggling to get to a body that’s meant for someone else.

Hines Fitness Routine

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I indulge in Yoga for one hour. I can’t emphasize enough on the Physical benefits of incorporating Yoga to my fitness routine. I have been practicing Yoga under my instructor for three years, and from the very first week, I started noticing enhanced stamina and increased flexibility. My muscle strength had never felt better, and the breathing techniques had helped to increase my energy levels and decrease anxiety aiding in stress reduction.

Tuesday and Thursday, I run for an hour in the morning. Some days it just ends up being a stroll at the nature preserve near where I live. I love nature and the outdoors; therefore, it’s something I look forward to in my week. There are numerous benefits associated with running in the morning. It elevates my energy levels throughout the day. It has helped immensely to manage my stress levels and allows me to sleep better. Therefore I strongly recommend incorporating running into any morning routine.

Saturday is for swimming. I’ve loved swimming from the time I was a toddler, and heading over to the pool is my weekend treat. I can guarantee that swimming enhances endurance, and it’s an excellent way to relax, as well as tone muscles and build strength.

It Does Not Happen Overnight

My physical and mental transformation took weeks, months, and I would say it continue to be a work in progress. It came through a long term physical and emotional struggle. Fitness plays a significant role in connecting with my body, but fitness alone did not do the trick. I have been a Vegan for five years now. The knowledge that another being is not harmed to put food on my plate is liberating. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite vegan recipes in a new blog post soon. So stay tuned.

Always remember; you are enough, you are worth the self-care and love, and your body is meant for you. Own it!


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