Staying Sober During Covid-19, Five Articles to Help You Battle a Disease During a Pandemic

Why Unresolved Grief and Loss Can Fuel an Addiction

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Grief and loss are two of the primary drivers behind drug and alcohol addiction. Everyone copes with it differently, and it can come at any age or stage in your life. The extenuating circumstances we all face today make protecting our mental and physical health even more critical. This article provides you insight on how best to manage your loss and grief, especially during this pandemic. Helping you find the strength and support to remain sober during Covid-19.


COVID 19 Parenting: 10 Tips to Help You Stay Sober and Sane

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The new shift in day to day life has affected us all differently. Many of us find ourselves working from home, taking care of their children, and even 'homeschooling' multiple children. In contrast, some may have lost their jobs entirely and are struggling to get by on unemployment. With this novel virus, what will happen next remains a question on everyone's mind. The future remains uncertain for most people, and it's unclear what the future holds for the country as…


Drinking Alcohol While Working from Home: Is It a Problem?

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Working from home has brought on a new challenge of separating work life and home life, as most of us associate home as a place to unwind after a day's work. While the lines blur at home, the added stress of uncertainty has ignited our alcohol consumption during Covid-19. As a result, alcohol sales across the country have skyrocketed. Drinking from home may seem like a low-risk situation at-first, but it can have devastating consequences on your health and wellbeing.…


Coping With Sobriety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The 2020 coronavirus epidemic has caused havoc and destruction throughout the world. Alcoholics Anonymous has called an end to in-person meetings for the first time in its existence. For many, private counselors are off-limits, and the fellowship offered by others in recovery seems like a distant dream. Fortunately, this article provides you with a few tips and advice on how to get through this pandemic sober.



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With 12-step groups being moved online and social distancing guidelines preventing meeting with sponsors and friends in person, people will have to become creative and extra vigilant about prioritizing their recovery. Any time routines are interrupted, or stress and anxiety increases, people are at greater risk of relapse. If you find yourself with thoughts of drinking or using other drugs, there are things you can do to reset your thinking. Find out more by reading the article below.



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