Is Addiction a Disease? Five Articles to Help Guide you on your Journey to Recovery

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction - How to Tell if Someone Needs Help for a Drug Problem

Eleanor Health

Addiction is a brain disease that can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Unfortunately, the risk of addiction affects some more than others. People with mental health disorders have a higher chance of becoming addicted. Addiction is not just a chronic illness, but it can also be hereditary. Painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin can be highly addictive. The more drugs you take, the more likely it is you will become addicted to drugs. The better understanding we…


Getting Help for Addiction—Drug Rehab and You


Addiction is a chronic disease that can't always be 'cured' but It can be successfully managed like other incurable diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. There is a fear of being judged, which keeps many from seeking the treatment they need. The National Institute of Health and the National Institute on Drug Abuse say addiction is a disease that is treatable and can be cured. The NIH and NIDA say there is no cure for addiction, but there…


5 Best Books on Addiction and Recovery

Futures Recovery Health-Care

A growing number of celebrities have authored books about their battles with addiction. Authors who have successfully transitioned from addiction to long-term recovery often inspire their readers as they are able to connect on a mutually shared experience. There are many books dedicated to this topic, but not all provide you with the information you need. The right books on addiction will teach and inform their reader about the commonalities of the disease and the fact that a great number…


Is Addiction a Disease?

Center on Addiction

Most medical associations have now defined addiction as a disease. Like many chronic diseases, addiction is caused and provoked by a combination of behavioral, environmental, and biological aspects. Research shows that genetic risk factors can also account for the likelihood that an individual can develop an addiction. If left untreated, addiction becomes more severe, disabling, and life-threatening. Chronic disease is described as a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured, and thus more than a quarter of those…


Is Drug Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

The Yale Tribune

There is an extensive debate among the scientific community on whether drug addiction is a disease or a cure. Some believe it is an uncontrollable illness that calls for immediate medical treatment. Others say it is a choice, and people can exercise greater control over their behaviors than they think. Irrespective of whether it's a disease, drug addiction continues to be an unremitting global scourge. It needs to be tackled on a war-footing by governments and individuals alike, says Dr.…



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