Five must-reads on Self-Love and Self-Care

Self-Care and Self-Love Are Different, but Here's Why You Need Both

The Every Girl

Right now, self-care is having its moment. When so many of us work two (or three) jobs to help meet or support our life's passions while trying to get through the next work meeting while also trying to carve out time for friends and family. We must take time to take care of ourselves as well. To define self-care, it is the physical and mental act of taking care of yourself. It is a way to make sure that you…


Self Care Is Self Love

Julie Leonard Life Coach

You know, while I am incredibly busy and even though I still feel bad for doing something else, something I have discovered in the 30 years I have been helping women is that self-care isn't egoistic. It is completely necessary. Self-care fuels my soul, my body, and my heart. And self-care not only makes me more productive, but it also makes me a better mom, partner, friend, colleague, and neighbor. Self-care reduces my stress levels, reduces my worries and anxieties,…


Why Self-Love Is Important and How to Cultivate It

Medical News Today

For others, the self-love idea might conjure up memories of tree-hugging hippies or outdated self-help books. But, as many neuroscience reports show, the secret to mental health and well-being is self-love and -compassion, holding stress and anxiety at bay. Here are some effective ways to nurture that core feeling. "How is it that self-love matters? "May you know. Self-love may seem like a pleasure rather than a requirement for many of us — or a new-age fad for those with…


Self-Love vs Self-Care: What's The Difference?

MUD Personal Success Coaching

These days the self-love is a hot topic. And properly so! Our interaction with ourselves totally has an effect on every aspect of our lives. It affects how we experience mundane moments in our lives as well as significant ones. It is the cornerstone of our ability to fully flourish and evolve into who we are intended to be. But with regard to self-love, there's one very big problem I see all the time it's not really understood. If you…


30 Things that Happen when we Practice Self-Love and Self-Care

Power of Positivity

Self-love and self-care are not about being egoistic and self-centered. They are not about the mentality of "me, me, me." They 're not about battling the universe about voicing ourselves or getting what we want. Self-love and self-care are about loving who we are for and taking the time to take care of ourselves. What would you love about yourself if there were no small voice of self-doubt that buzzed around your ear? How would you take care of yourself…



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