Five Articles to Help You Maintain Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

9 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

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Greater versatility is one of the main perks of remote jobs. Mobile employees will take advantage of this and the freedom to work from anywhere, by working from home and developing a flexible lifestyle to take care of work and personal obligations. But sometimes heightened pressure comes with this flexibility. If you're doing non-traditional hours, or if you're not getting into face-to-face with your teammates every day, you may feel forced to spend more time online than not in the…


Finding Work Life Balance When Working From Home


Work-life balance is always a tricky thing to accomplish, and working from home can make it even more difficult. The line between home and work can easily blur when the home becomes a workplace too. Everyone's work-life balance concept is different, but there are a few simple principles that you can obey to describe for yourself. Read more to help you have a healthy balance between the two.


7 Ways to Improve Work Life Balance When You Work at Home

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When you work entirely from home, there might be almost no physical distinctions between the job and personal life. Even if you're organized, managing your career and a household successfully in the same space can still be difficult, especially if you're raising a family too. While home-based business owners and workers may not be able to draw a clear line between personal and professional life, there are always better ways to integrate the various facets of your life. Read more…


8 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

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Finding the right balance between work and daily life can be a struggle when you work in the same physical room as you cook, sleep, and watch Netflix inside. More often than not, the lines tend to blur, and we get torn between the two. If you're in the world of publicity, web design, or costume designing, it's not unusual to find yourself working until later than expected or responding to emails at unseemly hours. How do we maintain a…


9 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

It can be a struggle to manage and maintain a good work-life balance when working from home. It needs good preparation and contemplation. More so when, due to coronavirus, all of a sudden, everyone has become a remote worker. When we think of work-life balance, we often think that both are in perfect harmony, with hours spent on both sides being equal. The abstract vision is misleading and poor for our mental health, however. This only leaves you feeling completely…



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