Five Amazing Articles to Help Support Recovery During Social Distancing

COVID-19: How to Cope in Recovery

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As we brace for an extraordinary time of 'social distancing' due to coronavirus or COVID-19, It is essential to be calm, to avoid feeding into fear, and to act as effectively as possible to ensure not only your health and well-being but that of others around us. Solidarity is bigger than ever now. Throughout this period of uncertainty and stress, those in recovery will face these same fears and stressors too. However, they may also face the temptation to drink…


Staying Connected to Your Recovery in a Time of High Anxiety and Social Distancing


The COVID-19 virus has changed our world in ways we've never experienced in our lifetime. We 're told to stay at home, work remotely, and even have shelter in place in many areas. Most non-essential corporations across America and all around the world closed their doors. We 're in a time of anxiety and uncertainty without precedent. It is vital to understand and remember, addiction is a disease that thrives in isolation. So how does anyone in recuperation handle recovery…


Supporting Recovery During a Time of Social Distancing

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It is essential to understand that people in treatment need support and interaction. As we all go through this important social distance era, we need to be conscious of helping each other and seeking healthy alternate ways to communicate. There are valid medical reasons for social distancing during a pandemic. As social creatures, it is a struggle to maintain social distancing, and a joint effort would be needed to handle this. Recalling one of the 12 self-help rehabilitation services principles,…


Recovering from addiction during a time of uncertainty and social distancing

Harvard Health Publishing

The COVID-19 crisis has created a time of anxiety and uncertainty for people all over the world. As health care professionals and essential staff work around the clock to reduce and prevent the harmful consequences of the spread of the virus, many recovering from addiction are left wondering how they will manage their existing health problems while having to forgo the support systems on which they normally relied upon. Those in recovery may feel a sense of dread and anxiety…


Support for Mental Health and Addiction Issues During COVID-19

Very Well Mind

Staying connected to recovery support and services during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical for the millions of people struggling with mental health problems, substance addiction. We are social creatures who crave connection with others, which becomes even more apparent for people struggling with mental health and addiction as social isolation can make it particularly difficult to manage these problems. Find out more on resources, helplines, and virtual meetings to help guide you through this tough time.



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