Cooking Healthy This Summer

We have been going through a weird time, haven’t we? So many precautions to take and guidelines to follow before visiting the duck pond, a walk outside the neighborhood, and being able to open the front door.

During these times, we have struggled with pressures, had more than our required share of anxiety, and in some cases, they’ve witnessed illness and death first-hand (COVID, suicide, alcohol-related, drugs). As an ex-compulsive drinker, I understand that this level of anxiety and uncertainty would want you to go for a drink. I was catching up with a good friend the other day. We support and encourage each other to stay sober. She asked me, “is alcoholism a chronic disease?” I told her what I know about the struggles of being an alcoholic. The temptation to indulge in excessive amounts of alcohol, knowing that it could lead to dire consequences, is certainly a result of alcohol rewiring the brain. Therefore it is a disease. However, focusing your energy on other activities that you are passionate about is one way to deal with the lingering craving for alcohol. I decided to experiment and indulge in effective cooking methods as a healthier distraction.

Many people have made use of the lockdown period to do something productive and positive, with many relying on cooking as a new hobby. This makes sense because people ultimately have time to invest at home, and cooking is an activity that everyone can benefit from, as it will help you enjoy your food more, consume a healthier diet plan, and even save money while knowing how to cook healthy meals from scratch.

An Increase in Batch Cooking

A survey conducted by Hammonds found that as many as 7 in 10 individuals started cooking meals from scratch all through the lockdown period with curry, spaghetti bolognese and chili being the three most popular batch cooking recipes. Batch cooking food is a smart concept as it can be a healthier option and much cheaper than takeaway/instant meals, plus it means you don’t need to cook every day, and that can save a lot of energy and time. Food shortage was an issue at the start of lockdown, so this seems a manner in which people have coped and is a favorite since it likewise minimizes food waste.

So, with the lockdown becoming loosened and perhaps some natural order being restored, how can people keep cooking healthy and keep using their kitchens this season? There are a few easy tips that will help you keep a healthy diet plan, keep cooking, and appreciate your meals this summer.

Plan Ahead

Among the best methods to preserve an excellent diet plan over the summer (and at any time in the year) is merely to prepare what you are going to eat weekly ahead of time. This will assist you in stocking up on anything that you require and prepare yourself for what you need to prepare cooking. Batch cooking is still an excellent choice if you have time so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen each night.

Know-How To BBQ in A Healthy Way

Obviously, Barbeques are most likely to be much more common than usual this summer as individuals hang out at home, and many will be reluctant to go to restaurants once they reopen. BBQs can be excellent fun and an opportunity to take pleasure in scrumptious food, but you must also be careful since they can be unhealthy. That’s why you need to pick leaner cuts of meat to reduce your saturated fat intake, create your own marinades that will be low in salt, and maintain balance by grilling vegetables and making healthy salads to go on the side.

It is encouraging to see that many people have needed to find out how to cook healthier food in batches, decrease food waste and reassess their grocery choices in the months passed, and ideally, this will continue into the summer season and beyond.


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