Welcome, and delighted to have you aboard as I navigate through this wellness journey.

I’m Lila T Hines, Nutritionist, Globe trotter, and an ardent advocate for Women’s Health & Wellness. Cali girl living in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my fiancé and our cat. Healthy with Hines is a result of my passion for leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and focusing on living consciously in the moment.

My drive to live the healthy lifestyle I lead today comes from a very unhealthy past of mine. During the teenage years, I struggled hard to fit into a perfect, supermodel body image. I was the cheer captain of my high school’s cheerleading squad. I had self-esteem issues that stemmed from many different abusive relationships that continuously put me down. I was longing to fit into a size 0 when I had a bone structure of a size 8. As a result, I was struggling with many eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse throughout high school and Freshman year of college. By the middle of my sophomore year in college, I was burned out, had two DUI’s and at the verge of dropping out of college. It was at this point I decided to change majors from Nursing to Nutrition and Dietetics and minor in Buddhist studies. At the same time, I reached out for support from the University Counseling Center. From that point onwards, I started reflecting on what I did wrong up until that point in my life.

I’ve come a long way since then. I developed healthy eating habits, which eventually lead me to become a vegan. I quit drinking and researched meditation techniques, which helped me cope with anxiety and live in the now. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who encouraged and supported my wellness journey. Many others aspire to find a lifestyle of wellness, which enables them to feel good mentally and physically. I am here to tell them that it’s possible and share the knowledge that helped me transform my life.


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